My Daughter’s Wedding

Recently, I had the honor of baking for my oldest daughter’s wedding. As the Mom, this can be a difficult task because there are so many other things to do. But if your a mom you some how figure it out and get it done! I decided to make three cakes, 120 cupcakes, and 80 decorated sugar cookies. Sounds like a lot but come on it’s my daughter’s wedding-the first of my three to get married so of course I wanted to go all out. I also had to figure out some Vegan options for my new son-in-law, which by the way turned out to be my favorite!

Here are some of the pictures from our wedding:

I had an awesome time creating all of these items. I especially loved hand painting all of the bottom tiers of the cakes-so unique! As always in life, there were some bumps in the road-like cupcakes flying in the air when we brought them in-but they were fixed and the wedding was a huge success!

Lastly, my favorite picture of my lovely daughter and my new son tasting the cake for the first time as husband and wife-Congratulations you two!


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