Pralines and Wafer Paper Flowers…

As promised…Pralines and Wafer Paper Flowers.

Pralines. Whats to say? They are buttery, full of sugar, and chopped pecans. They turned out great! I did break them up like bark and I am hoping to use them on a cake for this weekend.


This weekend I spent some time creating wafer paper flowers. I will admit this was my first time with this medium and I found that I love it! What is wafer paper you ask?

“Wafer paper is, simply put, delicate sheets of edible paper, typically rice-based, which are safe for consumption, imparting little flavor to the cake. Wafer paper can be manipulated in a number of ways, making it a versatile medium in creating a number of different cake decorating designs.” Definition from

I purchased a Craftsy class and learned to create the most beautiful flowers. I then even airbrushed them and they turned out great. I am going to create some sunflowers next.


Happy flowers!

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