Baking Memories is in business!

Hello to everyone! As many of you know I have recently graduated from Pastry School. I apologize for my lack of posts but it was almost impossible to keep up. But I am on track and ready to get my cake business up and running. During my time with the French Chefs I learned so much. I also met some really great and talented people through my journey.

First the Chefs…Chef Stephane Treand and Chef Jean Marc Touya were some of the most talented chefs I have ever seen. Their skills were beyond amazing and their passion for pastry was so exciting to see. They introduced me to me to so many new ideas and concepts-at times it was overwhelming. But they kept working with us and helped us until we got it right. Somedays took longer than others and sometimes it was really hard but I made it though.

Chef Franck was the main chef that we spent our days with. He was the funny jokester type who taught us how to make everything for our Final Buffet and so much more. Not only did he teach us how to to bake, he taught us to have fun. He taught me to enjoy what I do and not to let anyone take that from you. And always Practice!

My classmates could not have been a better bunch. On day one, each of them was secretly as terrified as I was. We all had the same dumb questions and feelings. “Am I wearing the right outfit?” “Will I burn everything ?” “I really don’t know what I am doing.” But in the end we learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses and became lifelong friends. I miss them each and every time I bake.

I know my journey through pastry school has taught me so much and I am so sad and happy that I have graduated. But I am ready for new adventures and I am ready to really start my business…Baking Memories.

Please feel free to contact me with all of your Baking needs!

Below is picture of my Final Grand Buffet…Each of us had our own table.



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