Sunday night is the best time to sit and reflect on your past week and prepare yourself for upcoming week. I like to look at my food choices and my workout routines and figure out how I might change it up and make it better. Normally, I like to jog. However, this past week a couple of friends and I did some biking.

I am new to bike riding but I had an amazing time. We rode the trails through Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, and Upland. I found that biking is not only a lot of fun but it can be a great workout a well.

During these rides I borrowed a friend’s bike. I did not have one of my own to ride. This was a great gesture but I recommend that if you are riding a bike for exercising, get your own. I had trouble with the gears of the bike and I was afraid to touch anything for fear of breaking something. As for the seat, let’s not even discuss that! But I am a very lucky person because my brother is a master bike mechanic and he found me a great bike with a nice big fat seat at his local swap meet. I am so excited!

IMG_2023 The bike still needs a couple of brake adjustments but the price was right! Now I can ride in style with a big cushy seat and I can even use the gears! I am excited to get out there and mix up my workouts with some biking. Just need to get to Target and get a helmet!

Happy Riding!


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